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An unique Pre-Wedding

I would like to thank my customers, they always came up with wonderful ideas while we are planning the trip for their pre-wedding. They want a more unique and vintage styles, and BIG thanks to the couple they gave me a lots of room for my creativity. We ended up took a lots of different style….here we go!

I personally love this one the most!

Anything can be a background

You see the chinese character at the back? It stands for happiness! So double happiness in here!

Here with some more vintage styles

2012,616 – that’s their wedding day!

The bride is working around the Central area so I suggested her to go there and take some photos, the outcome was great!

Thanks once again for Phottix Professional Photo Accessories They have posted my shot again on their blog as ‘Phottix Weekly Photo’ and this is the 2nd time they posted my photo thank you!


Cute look!

Congrats to both of you! Remember you have to carry her not only for this photo, it is forever! 🙂

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