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Happiness Is With You Everyday

This cute little pie rocked the studio when she arrived. She’s cheerful, friendly and yet lady-like! Her parents were so loving and it filled up the room with loads and loads of love. Mommy brought her own pinkish deco as well as matching outfits! Cake smashing session is fun and we often encouraged everyone to […]

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Happiness Is A Piece Of Cake

This family has been one of the most fun and coolest we ever met! Super cheerful and encouraging Mom, very calm Dad and two cutie pie girls. This family rocked our studio on one weekend with some fun family shots and of course, a cake smash session for one year old baby girl. The more […]

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Happiness Is Looking So Alike To Each Other

Moms always thought their little girl is a mini me version of themselves. Oh yes, this is so true as most pairs share similar interests. We’ve a top-rated makeup artist and her baby girl in the house today! Yumi may look cool but she’s definitely someone superb friendly and cheering. Her sense of styling needlessly […]

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Happiness Is Having Fun Under Sunshine

Always thought doing an outdoor session for families are always fun! You get to see loads of emotions, bonding and interactions over the time and laughters are always a catch! Picking a location that’s nearer to your home helps when you have a toddler. Bring their favourite toys, snacks or even music may help for […]

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A Full Year Of Happiness

The 1st year is always special and unique. To celebrate the happiness, parents should do a cake smash session with their baby! Definitely keeping things simple would be great and also a theme colour across looks even better! A cake smash session can also be a weekend activity for family fun and bonding, isn’t it […]

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