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Happiness Is Hearing Weekend Laughters

Gosh, this little is sooooo superb adorable. He’s obedient, very attentive and yet, there’s a touch of cheekiness. Our team absolutely loves having him around. One tiny trick for better outcome is putting some effort on matching outfit. Thanks Winnie for complimenting our team being kids-super-friendly, Steven is definitely someone who adores kid shooting session!

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Happiness Is In Pink

Caroline and her family made their way back to Hong Kong for family visit few weeks back. It’s been a very happy experience with them together. The family bonding is so strong that it makes me so delighted doing this shoot. This cute little pie was one of the happy babies that melts everyone’s heart. […]

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Happiness Is Family Fun

Get outside for some outdoor fun over great weather! Hands off from mobile, video games and laptops for some awesome family fun! Spending a couple of hours with your love ones in the park is so much more meaningful over Netflix. It bonds the whole family and great moments like this should be captured for […]

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Three Generations of Happiness

Baby has always been a gift from heaven. Not only to the couple but also to extended families. Happiness from an arriving baby showered these ladies so much, you see by the smiles on their faces! Maternity portrait not only could be shot with your husband, other family members could be part of it too! […]

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Happiness Is Simple As This is

Spending a day out with your beloved family put a smile on everyone’s faces. Nothing overly fancy but a nice gathering out at the sea creates precious memories for this sweetest family. The bonding and connections are so strong that melted my heart. Documenting happy moments like this made me a happier person too. Thanks […]

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