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Happiness Is From Duo To Trio

Perfection is when you have two parents with loads of connections and bliss. Need not huge amount of props preparation, the love showered the session so well that the moments are so enriched and loving! Keep things simple may provide the best optimal results as there isn’t distraction. Thus, it’s always less is more!  

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Happiness Is Never Grand

It’s whose next to you that matters, not how grand everything is. Shirley and Hubby is the solid sample of the saying. Their connections and interactions were so natural and every smile, laughter is so genuine! The echo is still in my ears-Happiness filled the air and it always melts my heart seeing sweetest moments […]

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Happiness Is One Plus One Equals To Four

A child brings happiness not just to parents but both sides of the families. This is so true and connections were so tight over this particular maternity session. Personalised props and messages to each other enhanced the emotions and playfulness and we alway encourage clients to be self prepared! Autumn is practically the best weather […]

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Happiness Is Just Round The Corner

Happiness is just round the corner if you embrace it. This lovely family picked their home surroundings to do a portrait session. For reasons that, the place has been loving and connects with them everyday. It’s not how beautiful or grand the surroundings but the people matter most! From three to four, more blissful moments […]

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Happiness In the Air

As lovely as they look, this couple is more than loving I must say. The crankiness of both had made the session ultra enjoyable! The interactions of duo is so important and those are precious moments that melts the hearts MUA. Kammy Ama Lo Makeup & Hair Venue. SCP Studio(KLN Bay)

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