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Create Your Own Happiness

This has been one of the most fulfilling maternity sessions! Mithila and her hubby had it prepared so well with props, outfit and also themselves. Throughout the shoot, they revealed the utmost on how much they’re in love! The natural laughters and interactions were so genuine and it melts our hearts. As lovely as it […]

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Happiness Is Life With Unconditional Love

Meeting your better half is a bliss and having a family with each other is a magical journey! Instead of a stressful one, Sujitha and her better half picked the enjoyable path. Throughout the session, there is so much laughter and love filled the air. The connection is best demonstrated in this series. They are […]

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Happiness Is Hearing Weekend Laughters

Gosh, this little is sooooo superb adorable. He’s obedient, very attentive and yet, there’s a touch of cheekiness. Our team absolutely loves having him around. One tiny trick for better outcome is putting some effort on matching outfit. Thanks Winnie for complimenting our team being kids-super-friendly, Steven is definitely someone who adores kid shooting session!

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Happiness Is Just Besides You

Had so much fun with Gloria and her better half. They are so into the shooting session that melts our hearts! Not only about the outfits, makeover and it requires the connections and interactions between the couple. Check out all the lovely and cheeky shots! The genuine expressions said it all! It’s not about how […]

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Happiness Is Being On The Same Team

Pregnancy is quite a bit of a journey not only for the mom, but also for the Dad. Having a great team player makes a great difference. The connections and interactions between Lepeka and her better half demonstrated this seamlessly! They could get loving, gentle and cranky for the next shot. Pretty much heaps of […]

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