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Intimacy Perfects The Day

Alyssa is one of the readily customers and very swiftly, she confirmed us on doing this engagement shoot. Her welcoming sunshine smile with friendly Eric got everyone into action real quick. The magic was their connection and intimacy brightened up the cloudy day. Simply can’t wait to document their wedding party asap!

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Simple Yet Always Loving

Nothing too overly fancy but superb happiness sufficient. The strong connection was so strong and elevated all moments! After hearing their love story which is simple but yet encouraging, we decided to take the couple to outlying island and do a fun shoot. Not everyone is a posing expert and we knew that, we prefer […]

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Lovebirds in the House

A special meaningful venue may sometimes be a better option than iconic spots. It brings good memories and enhances the emotions for an ideal outcome! Connections between Fish & Lun are so strong that melted our hearts. The two lovebirds filled the house with so much happiness, enjoy! Photographer. Steven & Wangkit MUA. Nicole from […]

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The Missing Pieces are Found

Friendly Nicole casually shared with us “Beautiful in White” by Westlife is the thing between Alex and her. Instantly, their love story flew through my mind over the shoot. The intimacy and the connections are simply amazing and thru the shoot, we do feel you guys are blissful to have each other found! Thanks for […]

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You’re my Home

I love him for his action speaks louder than words. He never leaves me out of his sight or home heading myself. A man whom showers with his love by wakeup calls and everyday cooking is someone to entrust my life with. So grateful that I’ve found you as my home Intimacy is the most […]

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