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A Petite and Heartwarming Church Wedding

Numerous weddings we document each year, there are bound to be a couple of wedding that’s forgettable. This is one we’re talking about. First, Kelly and Jeremy are the nicest couple any crew could ever encounter. Next is they kept everything compact, petite but nicely done. The key is not to overdo the day with […]

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Quality over Quantity for a Perfect Wedding

Juni & Victor has been one of the friendliest couples we ever worked with and they were so attended to details on their wedding day. This is one of the most important qualities for a perfect looking wedding party. From the selection of the venue at Upper House Hong Kong, it’s elegant, up-trend and cosy […]

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A day of countless blissful moments

From this very first picture, there are so much blessings and love for this beautiful couple. Cecilia and Antony has been one of the kindest clients which constantly cared about everyone around them. Vice versa, families and friends showered their wedding with humongous amount of love and emotions. From star ferry to harbour view and […]

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Warmest Wedding on the Coldest Day

It’s been the warmest wedding on the coldest day this winter! You can feel the glowing happiness on Nikko & Rory, the families and friends throughout the day. We’ve documented the church ceremony 6 months back, well on the hottest day of the summer as well! Nikko is a perfect bride who’s attented to details […]

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