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Happiness Is The Best Blessings

Having an outdoor wedding is almost a dream-come-true to every bride, it takes extra planning, additional resources and another tiny bit of luck on the bestest weather. Vivian & Dick took their chance and thank god things were on their side, everything turned out as planned in a beautiful way. They were showered by love […]

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Happiness Is Our Journey Together

Irene and Wilton has been one of the friendliest couples we worked with. They’re cheerful, understanding and supportive throughout the time. Their synergies, love and connections enhanced all moments taken. There ain’t other word except happiness to describe them as they’re best friends, lovers, husband and wife now. You can always hear their laughter every […]

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Happiness Is Finding That Song, That Perfect Song

This is one of the most heartwarming parties in recent. Love, connection and cheering from friends and families built the perfect ambience. Wedding is indeed very personal, no matter how you plan it, large-scaled or petite, it’s perfect when the couple enjoys to max. There are intimate moments throughout the day no one wouldn’t miss! […]

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Happiness Is Here And Now

Eleanor and Matthew has been one of the most caring and considerate couples we worked with. They’re thoughtful, polite and cheerful plus appreciating. The beautiful wedding set off early with lots of love and blessings from their friends and families. Here are some quick highlights from the day and hopefully, we will get more ready […]

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Happiness Is Now Forever Ours

As lovely as this is, we’ve been working with this couple from their pre-wedding shoot. Teresa and Kenneth are of high expectation on quality deliverables and we’re so glad they loved both sets of photos. We witnessed how genuine their emotions are and that’s the key ingredients of all timeless images. Just be natural, yourselves […]

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