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Happiness Is Having You As My Lifelong Partner

Joyce & Vincent is one of the most fun-loving couple we ever documented! The day went by with so much laughter, so so so much blissful moments. It must have been Joyce’s cheerful influences to every single person from friends to families to guests, everyone simply looks so happy! A wedding is most perfect when […]

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Happiness Is Holding Onto Each Other Forever

Connie & Francis has been one of the most well-manners clients ever met. They’re polite, humble and yet loving. Caring has been shown by Francis to Connie and everyone else throughout the whole day. A hug may be simple but it means a great deal by doing so. The whole wedding was showered with love […]

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Her Happiness Is Now My Priority

Yvonne and Joshua’s wedding has been one of the sweetest and warmest ones recently! From the couple to the bridesmaid/groomsmen team plus their families and friends, the heat simply melted our hearts. All genuine responses and manner impressed us completely without explanation. Many of a time, these are the key essence of a perfect wedding! […]

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Happiness Is Living This Moment Together

A simple yet emotional wedding day went by so quickly and this sweet couple has officially become an item. The happy day was showered with loads of blessings from families, friends and buddies which built up a superb loving atmosphere. With Jason’s doing a solo piano-playing just for his queen, Vinci couldn’t help rolling tears […]

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Your Happiness Is My Essentials

It was rainy and stormy weather, blessings showered upon Yuko & Malcolm and the day went on without heavy pour. No heavy pour but loads of love was showered all over from friends and families. Everything was kept petite and tight close, numerous touching moments emerged naturally. We love capturing and not to over create […]

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