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Any words to describe your relationship? Is the stage of intimacy what you’re looking for. Do you truly know what intimacy is exactly?

Intimacy is not sex.

At its most basic level,
intimacy is me telling you about me.

It’s not about facts. 
Intimacy is sharing feelings

When feelings come up, deal with them. Use words.

When something scares us,
we should confront it directly.

A long-term, committed, monogamous relationship is one of the scariest things two humans can attempt.

Relationships are all about
solving the problems of that relationship.

enmeshment and abandonment.

avoid categorizations,

acknowledge our fears,


tell our own truths.

By the end of these photos, do you truly know what intimacy is exactly?

More about True Intimacy:

Special thank to We Snow Something (a multimedia platform) used our one of the photo as their cover  on their new radio drama (憎愛chapter 1_最真實的愛 帶著憎恨地愛)

Shoot by: Fujifilm X Pro 1 with 35mm F1.4

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