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Karen & Lim Wedding Day

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Absolutely a nice & sweet couple, I can see the sweetness from their eyes. May you always remember the love you feel today, enjoy your time and grow old and happy together.

Which kind of wedding photographer you would like to pick for your wedding day? You might think it strange but let me summaries,  there are 2 different types of wedding photographers. (maybe more in the reality but I will try to make it easier for client to understand)

1.) Instructional – they give you more direction on what you need to do, or give you different instructions in order to take a GOOD photo. Which required more  setup / time to completed the task. Some clients love photographer’s instruction because they don’t know what to do and they want the photographer to be the in-charge of the wedding.

2.) Photojournalism – they walk, observe and take photos without instruction. You might not even notice they take photos of you / the guest on your wedding day. Some clients love this kind of style because they are camera shy / they want to have a more natural look of themselves.

Nobody can define what is the best wedding photography styles but I just like to express that, you should understand the style of your wedding photographer before you pick them, because your wedding will only happen once in a lifetime. Don’t just pick them because of the price, you should pick them because of their unique styles that you like. If you are not too sure about your decision, arrange a causal meeting with the photographer will definitely to help you to have a correct decision.

Venue: Gateway Marco Polo Hotel會所1號 大舞臺 ClubONE The Grand Stage

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