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We love working unique ideas with our clients, as a result we shoot customise video especially for your proposal! Let’s come to tell us your ideas & needs then we do tailor made a video for your specifically!

For price quotation, please feel free to email us your ideas at and we will give you a basic quotation based on your requirement.

What you need to be aware before we move on?

Added Value

An effective video proposal should convince readers that your project will have value. The specific value will depend on the type of project; business videos might aim to boost profits, while a documentary might be geared toward raising awareness about a specific issue. As you write your proposal, consider what is important to your reviewers and use language, rhetoric and research to convince them that your video production will support their interests. The more your proposal appeals to their emotional and practical concerns, the more effective it will be.


Video productions take time to complete; include a basic production schedule with the proposal to give reviewers a sense of the scope. Include major milestones: story boarding, hiring talent, completing shooting, editing, review and final production. A detailed schedule lets readers know that you have thought the project through and that you have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of video production. It is also an opportunity to build credibility by demonstrating your experience and understanding of the full process.


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