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Nezu, Tokyo | Exploring The Old Tokyo

Nezu district compiles a great Japanese culture from the olden times. It’s less touristy with loads of peace, read on and get to know more…

Neko(Cats) lovers are simply lurrrrve and spend time along the cat-lovers-phase along this street. Well, shopaholics as well?

Next we move on to some seasoned Japense shops which look so authentic for shooing, imagine yourselves holding love of your life here

When you see a Kimono rental shops, you should where we are heading to!

Yep here we are, one of the quietest temples and less crowd, less touristy more like an enjoyment spot!

We get the gates here as well, this is a very good size for portraits, unlike the ones in Kyoto

The team could take a little rest with the most delicious udon in the neighbourhood

After a while, a coffee is best for this relaxing afternoon and wraps up the half day tour in Nezu!

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