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Splashes Of Happiness

Keeping ourselves inspired simultaneously is something we planned doing so. Together with several passionate partners, we’ve completed a style shoot with loads of planning and brainstorming. We still kept our inspirations relevant to our con-current work with happiness as the core. Plus, we have invited real bride to make things more natural and genuine. Gratitude […]

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Professional Lifestyle Portrait Is The New Black

Many of us still thought the standard formal shots are the only format. We’ve create this scene for a completely different ambience. It brings our more sides of you and will help your working partners to understand you even better. And of course, we also provide the formal shots to cater both sides Venue. The […]

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Happiness Is To Be A Confident Self

Being confident is one of the important ingredients for a portrait shoot and these ladies simply had it all. The looks on their faces reflects enjoyment and of course having a great time. Our aim is always to let clients to be most themselves for the best outcome! Scroll thru for more happiness on the […]

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Happiness Is In Giving

The elderlies contributed so much to the society over the years and it’s definitely our turn to repay them. Making time over peak season ain’t easy but tried our best to make it happen. Most elderlies are introverts and their love for each other are humble. It’s thru chatting with them and their genuine emotions […]

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